Screen Printing

screen printing torbay

What is Screen Printing and what is it used for?

Screen Printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh (screen) is used to transfer ink onto a garment.  The mesh acts like a stencil and ink will only permeate where the stencil allows.  This technique can be used to personalise a number of different types of garment such as Hoodies, T-Shirts and Tote Bags.  It is a technique more suited to orders of around 30 items or more so orders like Leavers Hoodies or promotional items are well suited to this technique.


Advantages of Screen Printing and what you need to know?

This print technique gives a fantastic result similar to fashion apparel for its look and feel.  It is great for items such as Leavers Hoodies because it becomes a cost effective print method.  At Loopy Parrot the Screen Printing set up costs are incorporated into the overall cost therefore it works out very good value for orders around 30 items or over.


If you want to discuss Screen Printing options please contact us.

Our Services

Based in Torquay we provide services to customers throughout Torbay, Devon and the UK.  We are here for all your print and embroidery needs for Embroidery, Screen Printing, Direct to Garment Printing and Garment Vinyl Application.  Offering print on demand services for clubs and bands, as well as a white label service for individuals or businesses, that want to increase the products they sell to their customers.